McLean Family Tree and Character Maps

Keeping track of seven grandsons can be tough! Check out the McLean Family Tree for a reminder of who's who, and view character maps to learn where each grandson will be traveling on his latest adventure.

The Countdown Continues!

It's only a matter of weeks before The Seven Sequels launch. In anticipation of the big release date, Orca is giving away free audio samples from The Seven Sequels--one each week until October 1, 2014. Visit the Audiobooks page to listen to the latest chapter.

Seven (the series) Audiobooks - excerpts available now!

Orca is pleased to announce that audiobook editions of the original Seven (the series) will be available September 2014. Download a free excerpt of each audiobook at www.seventheseries.com to catch up with your favorite characters.

Read excerpts from the original Seven (the series).

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